Do you need a coronary stent?

The primary service of this website is to answer this question. 

Because the majority of physicians are ethical and protect the interests of their patients, we estimate that most stents being implanted are appropriate. This means that if we were to review your angiogram, our likely interpretation will be that your planned stent implantation is reasonable.

To determine whether your particular stent implantation is necessary or unnecessary, we offer a service to review your angiogram prior to your scheduled stent procedure.


Why Us?

Determining whether a coronary stent is necessary is no simple matter. Because every patient is unique, it is impossible to dictate the exact terms of appropriate medical practice. In fact, the guidelines issued by the American Heart Association and American College of Cardiology are just that, guidelines.

Dr. Marmur is in a unique position to determine whether your stent is appropriate because he has:

    - implanted thousands of coronary stents in a wide variety of clinical scenarios

    - directed a cardiac catheterization laboratory for a decade and as Director has supervised the stenting activity of several attending interventional cardiologists

    - served as an expert witness to defend physicians against unfair charges of negligence

    - served as an expert witness to support claims of medical negligence on behalf of victims of unnecessary coronary stenting

    - directed an Interventional Cardiology Fellowship Program that is responsible for the training of cardiologists who go on to practice coronary stenting

    - directed the QA (quality assurance) process at a major New York City teaching hospital (University Hospital of Brooklyn) for the Division of Cardiology

    - achieved national and international recognition as an expert in the field of Interventional Cardiology

    - published extensively in the field of Interventional Cardiology in high-impact factor peer-reviewed medical journals (see CV)